We built and scaled this solution at Salesforce to thousands of employees across the globe with remarkable results. We compared security behavior performance of program participants with those who had not participated. For months afterwards, alumni outperformed their peers on security tests.  Overwhelmingly, they also found the experience fun, impactful, and relevant to their work. 

Increase reporting, decrease clicking, impactful
“Way to make security fun! The examples of real cases and ‘thinking like a hacker’ were great.”
— Salesforce VP

Reducing Incidents

Our metrics drive approach to change security behaviors can help you reduce incidents and save your security team time and effort, so you can focus on more critical is

40 percent reduction in incidents
Organizations that base security awareness on measurable learning outcomes will experience 40% fewer user-generated security incidents than organizations that maintain traditional awareness programs. 
— Gartner Report "Effective Security Awareness Starts with Defined Objectives