We are tackling a long-standing gap in the security space with a focus on behavioral and data science to improve security behaviors across employees in a measurable way. We’re looking for exceptional and passionate people to help us build this future and redefine the security landscape.

There are few times when life shows up in your inbox with a golden ticket. This is one of those times! As co-founders of Elevate security, we are looking for the most incredible people to join us on our journey.

Open positions:

Full Stack Engineer 

Customer Success Manager

The Top Elevate Values

  • Customer > Company > Team > Me
  • Listen, listen, listen and then get stuff done

  • Choose to be transparent

  • Work when and where you work best

  • We hire genuinely happy and optimistic people

  • The best perk any company can have is great people

  • Don’t complain, always find ways to improve the situation
  • Your expectation of yourself is higher than anyone else's

  • Do the right thing even if it’s not easy

  • Be grateful and show appreciation

  • Embracing our diversity makes us stronger

Elevate Security is committed to sharing important resources (product, time, and resources) to support integrating philanthropy into our business. Learn More about our 1% pledge. 

“The business of business is improving the state of the world.”
— Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, Salesforce

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