Hacker's Mind

The first step in the security behavior change journey

Because knowing isn't enough

Passive training alone only has a 20% improvement on employee performance. Hacker's Mind is a group-based virtual experience that puts employees inside the mind of a hacker, allowing them to spot and exploit security vulnerabilities in their company, their team, and themselves, and giving them a first-hand look at why security matters to them. Active learning with real results.

Teach your employees in the context of their own experience

Experiential learning wires the brain for long-term behavior change, which is why Hacker’s Mind lets your employees step into the driver’s seat to both create and respond to common attacks like phishing, social engineering, and malware in a single game.

A Team-Based Virtual Experience

Hacker’s Mind motivates employees to care about security. A game that puts your team inside the mind of an attacker; they’ll see firsthand how attacks unfold, how to spot them, and what to do next.

Customized to your unique organization

No two companies are alike, nor are the security issues they face. That’s why we work with your team to customize the entire experience, from the level of technical content, to highlighting your most critical security behaviors, to the types of data and attacks most relevant to your organization.

Hacker’s Mind is designed to bring security to life for your employees.


“Several employees came back the next day to play Hacker’s Mind again because they lost the first time and wanted to win! I’ve never seen employees come back to go through training again.”

Autodesk Security Team

Built to Show, Not Tell

We remember the way security training used to be: drawn-out lectures, boring videos, and no real change. We created Hacker’s Mind to train your team without feeling like its training by putting them in a real-life scenario and showing, not telling, them about security.

Play-by-Play Experience

A completely unique and immersive role-based experience that can be lead by anybody- no security skills required.

Become an attacker

Employees choose a hacker type, name, attack vector, and manipulation tactic and then devise a real-life attack.

Built-In Motivation

Each employee devises a plan to defend what matters most to them, motivating them to give it their all!

Measured Actions

Employees select a goal for themselves to become better security defenders. Measure their impact over time.

Keep a pulse on performance with phishing tests and detailed reporting

We believe training completion isn’t enough. Hacker’s Mind is designed to reinforce these skills over time by sending out periodic phishing tests to your team. Measure team performance after each test, track improvements over time, and share the results of your investment with leadership.

Fewer user-generated incidents


Less successful phishing attacks


More employee reporting


Score for impact, relevance & fun

Hacker’s Mind is the first security behavior change solution that proves its worth time and again, and makes you look good in the process.

“We loved that Hacker’s Mind was interactive and not just a lecture. Our employees are now much prepared to detect and respond to attacks, and that’s a huge weight off our shoulders.”

Helix Security Team

See hacker's mind in action