Participant FAQ

Can I participate on mobile?

Game play is not optimized for mobile (yet). It's best viewed on a laptop or desktop. 

Can I play through it on my own?

Hacker’s Mind is best experienced in a team, so we recommend having you join another team’s session. If that’s not an option, you can take it as an individual and play through it as the speaker.

I need to arrive late.

Join the session via the provided session link and will be joined into the game play.  

I need to leave early.

Exit the session by closing the window. The session will continue as normal for the participants.

I did not have my own laptop but participated in the exercise.

Send an email to with the name and email address of the participant. We will manually mark you as complete.

Team Leader FAQ

My team is less than 3 people

A minimum of 3 players is recommended for Hacker’s Mind to enable the best discussions between participants, although the game can be played with less.  

My team is more than 12

No more than 12 players can enter a session. This is designed so that everyone has a chance to participate in the discussions and have a turn as a speaker.  If your team is more than 12, we recommend running two sessions with smaller group sizes.

My team is remote or distributed

Everyone can participate with their laptops/devices regardless of their location. As a manager ensure that there is a group conferencing line setup so that participants can hear each other. Enabling video chat is also preferable.  During game play, when the team breaks out into subgroups, it is recommended that remote employees either create one group or divide into their own individual teams. We recommend muting the audio to/from the room so that participants who are calling in can discuss their attack design amongst themselves.

Someone missed the training

Hacker’s Mind is best experienced in a team, so we recommend having them join another team’s session. If that's not an option, they can take it as an individual.

I'm the team lead and i’ve already taken the training. Do I have to take it again with another group?

You can delegate the role of team leader to another participant. Please send us an email at with the email of your delegate and we will update the session.

I'm the team lead and I need to leave early.

If you leave the session, the game will continue as normal without a team leader. If you rejoin the session, you will be reassigned as

The game froze halfway through.

Have everyone on the team exit the session, refresh the browser. Access the session using the same link, which will take you to the page where you left off.

A participant does not have their laptop.

They can play through the session on their mobile device, borrow another player’s mobile device, or share a screen with another player. They can submit their name and email to to be manually marked as completed


Can I preview the session?

Yes, you can enter your session at any time. Just make sure to hit the back button to rewind the session to the waiting room so that when the team session starts it will begin at the start for all participants.

Can I run more than one session?

Yes, just ensure to have a separate session link for both sessions.

What data do you store?

Participant's name, email, and goals.

We weren’t able to finish the training

The session link will remember the state of your training for 30 days so you can resume your training at a later stage.

Still need help? Email us at