Employee upset because of phishing, malware, password hygiene, dangerous downloads, sensitive data, social engineering attack

Until now, employees faced a complex threat landscape and were given ineffective, compliance-based training to defend themselves. 


transform employees into your company’s strongest asset in preventing breaches
by using the Power of behavioral AND data science 

Our Solution:


Measure Motivate Educate Employees to be the best defense against cybersecurity threats



Measure Security Behaviors

Impact: Test your employee behaviors before and after campaigns.

Insights: Get actionable data about who needs attention.

Analytics: Leverage existing security incident data, HR information, and training records.



Motivate employees to care about security

Team simulations: Introduce players to the motivation and methods of hackers.

Offense is the best defense: Players design their own attacks.

Information retention: Group based discussions yield 75% retention rate vs 20% from audio-visual content.



Educate employees based on role and ability

Adaptive learning: Personalized content based on ability level and job role.

Save time: Only educate those employees who need it, when they need it.