Awareness is not enough. Let’s change your employees’ security behavior. Together.

Go from Security Awareness to

Security Readiness

We all know it. The old way of doing security awareness – boring video training, turning employees uncomfortably numb with tedious policies, same breaches, different day – isn’t cutting it.

We’re security experts that got tired of the old way, and we’re building the first Security Behavior Platform, changing employees’ security habits while giving Security teams unprecedented visibility.

Engage and Motivate

Teach employees to recognize attacks, vulnerabilities, and risks in their personal real-world context. Leave them excited and empowered.

Measure and Know

See all of your employees’ security postures, strengths, and weaknesses. Highlight success and identify areas for further investment.

Reinforce and Reward

Give every employee visibility into their security readiness. Reward them for good behaviors and provide feedback on places to improve.

Trusted across industries

Built for companies who want to do better

Measurable insights and rewards to turn employees into security superheroes.
A team-based virtual experience that motivates employees to care about security.

“Elevate is helping us change the game and take our program beyond awareness to readiness that provides a greater impact to reducing risks.”
James Hong, Sr. Manager, Security Engagement, Autodesk

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